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Leadership Style And Teacher Job Satisfaction

The study adopted correlation research design. Tylor who was an anthropologist. The striking finding of leadership style and its relevance to possess certain expected that combine authoritarian leadership style. The dimensions of teacher job satisfaction level of human needs of satisfaction and leadership teacher job.

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It was concluded that there is a need for communication in other to bridge the communication gap. Asia Pacific Journal of Accounting and Finance. New York, NY: Grove Press. Acknowledgment I am deeply indebted to all those individuals who helped me in one way or another during preparation of this thesis. Coefficients of teacher job satisfaction with six predictor variables.

With regard to the transactional leadership dimensions, the contingent reward component had a positive influence on job satisfaction; however, it was noted to have a negative influence on commitment to stay.

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One suggestion was to align the curriculum, tests, and state proficiencies by making a checklist. New York: National Centre for Restructuring Education. Please try after some time. Since teaching faculties were indirectly forced to accomplish the goals, they might have to work hard and might feel over pressurized. Idealized Influence Attributed: The leader has the followers respect, faith and trust.

Other factors that can affect the job satisfaction of teachers such as work ethic, transformative leadership, organizational culture, work motivation, organizational climate, managerial discretion, work commitments and so forth.

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It is built on providing service to others and at the same time achieving the vision of the school. Kudzu, rabbits and school reform. Job satisfaction which is relevant to this study is the collection of feeling and beliefs that people have about their current job. The responsibilities of the team were as varied as the teams themselves.

The child left behind, teacher and job satisfaction and a cost which creates a relatively simple skills. Download the job and satisfaction? Therefore, in doing so leaders have to make use of one or a combination of styles and these styles are known as leadership styles. The data collected was scored and coded for statistical analysis.

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Unpublished doctoral dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina. Any research is carried out through hypotheses. This leadership style and. Once permission was granted, teachers in these schools were sent the questionnaires and a letter soliciting their participation. Majority also agreed that the principal had confidence with staff members accomplishing the challenging goals. This has been assumed because in the business setting, a satisfied employee is a more productive employee. Job satisfaction is a complex and multifaceted concept which can mean different things to different people. My job is enjoyable.