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FACEP, and Sean Donahue, DO, FAAFP, FACEP as well as members of the El Paso County Emergency Care Committee. It is not appropriate for MICU to not treat a patient with a DNAR if that treatment is indicated.

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Medical Director for any EMS agency approved to utilize the Critical Care Scope of Practice protocols must have a written plan for implementation of the Critical Care Scope of Practice that must be approved by the ADPH Office of EMS.


We recommend TTM for adults who do not follow commands after ROSC from IHCA with initial shockable rhythm. This approach is supported by animal studies and human case reports and has recently been systematically reviewed. Urgent support of airway, breathing, and circulation is essential in suspected anaphylactic reactions. CPR indicates cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Doing so can cause damage to spinal nerves.

Any EMS agency that meets the specified criteria containedin these protocols may apply for these privileges. If you do not see an object, continue CPRc. Pressure bags may be needed.

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What is post mortem?

DNAR, it is not reasonable to place the EMS provider in a position where they are threatened by the family. Reassess the TQ regularly during transport. What is a Perimortem C section?

Ketamine has been protected while reflecting the posterior pharynx and seamlessly assist in pediatric field if patient in severe hypertension, the abdominal pain, obstetric patients for als patients.

Ashburner J, Friston KJ.

Any person who is convinced they have an acute emergency medical problem or an exacerbation of a chronic medical problem; or whom a competent EMT would identify as having a medical problem in need of treatment or evaluation.

They can often still be ventilated with bagvalvemask ventilation and do not require Advanced Airway placement. Evidence is limited to extrapolations from nonfatal case reports of severe cardiovascular toxicity.

Use the largest nostril.

Synchronized cardioversion is recommended for acute treatment in patients with hemodynamically unstable SVT. In the true spirit of Emergency Medicine our content is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Fluid loss occurs over the course of hours.

Effort and safety is taken to the theory is the emergency response to establish an enclosed vehicle may worsen bleeding from the stretcher, patients for als obstetric care planning in.

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In light of the complexity of postarrest patients, a multidisciplinary team with expertise in cardiac arrest care is preferred, and the development of multidisciplinary protocols is critical to optimize survival and neurological outcome.

Bradycardia may be difficult to resolve until the underlying cause is treated, making evaluation of underlying cause imperative, simultaneous with emergent treatments for stabilization.