BARBELL STRENGTH is a unique training facility that specializes in increased performance through strength training, primarily focusing on compound movements.

At BARBELL STRENGTH we have an obsession for not only high quality coaching, but also high quality equipment which has been consciously selected and laid out in a beautiful purpose built venue.

We are partnered up with ELEIKO, the number one strength & conditioning company in the world. We are proud to say that our facility is fully Eleiko equipped ranging from powerlifting competition racks, bars, weights, weightlifting equipment and our custom 6 station rig.

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Featured is our one of a kind custom 6 station Eleiko rig. The rig includes safeties, dip bar, pull up bars, rings and dedicated weight stacks. The gym currently has 8 total squat racks, with many more to follow!

We have multiple powerlifting competition racks, with several more to come. Each rack has it’s dedicated Eleiko competition bar and calibrated weights stack.

The gym features 10 Eleiko bars of which 3 are powerlifting competition bars. This ensures competitive powerlifters are able to train with what they use in competition. This includes the use of competition racks and calibrated weights.

We currently have 4 lifting platforms, with two more to follow shortly. The platforms are built specifically for weightlifting and deadlifts.