terms and conditions


  1. By participating in any activity under BARBELL STRENGTH you declare that you agree with the terms and conditions as described below.
  2. For minors (under 16 years of age), written permission from a parent or other legal representative is required.


  1. BARBELL STRENGTH and/or its management and trainers does not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft of the participant’s property.
  2. BARBELL STRENGTH and/or its management and trainers does not accept any liability for personal or physical injury and resulting damage.
  3. The participant hereby declares that he/she will receive the present sports instruction exclusively and solely at his/her own expense and risk. Therefore, all costs of any accident, accident and/or injury in the broadest sense of the word will be borne entirely by him/her.
  4. The participant is aware that the practice of certain branches of sport entails risks and that he/she takes any (subsequent) damage that may arise as a result of practicing any kind of sport, at his/her own risk.
  5. The participant will fully and completely indemnify BARBELL STRENGTH and/or its management and trainers against all claims from third parties in the broadest sense of the word.

House rules

  1. The participant must adhere to the instructions and regulations issued by BARBELL STRENGTH with regards to, among other things, clothing, equipment care, general cleanliness, necessary order and discipline.
  2. In the event of violation of these instructions and/or regulations, BARBELL STRENGTH is entitled to deny the participant access to the gym and to terminate the membership unilaterally and immediately, without this leading to a reduction in membership costs or refund.


1. All training services, unless otherwise specified, are billed monthly prior to the beginning of the next billing cycle. Payments must be made in full prior to the next billing cycle.

2.  Unless otherwise stated. the minimum commitment to training at BARBELL STRENGTH is 6-months. Training packages that must be cancelled before the 6-month period due to extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.

3. BARBELL STRENGTH does not offer refunds for training packages or sessions which have not been completed. However, these sessions will be credit and owed to the client, and must be rescheduled and completed within 30 days of the termination of the package.

4. Cancellations of single sessions must be made 24 hours in advance via text. The session must then be rescheduled within the following 14 days, after which they will be forfeited. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.

5. We require a minimum of 30-day notice (before the  26st of the month, ie. the start of the billing cycle) for any cancellations and changes to all subscription-based packages (unless otherwise specified). As an example, if the client decides to cancel his/her training subscription on the 16th of January, it will be terminated as of the 1st of March.

6. Verbal agreements to terms and conditions regarding training packages and subscriptions are legally binding..

Online Coaching

1. Cancellation to Online Coaching subscriptions require a minimum of a full calendar month’s notice.

2. Barbell Strength Custom requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment. Other training packages, unless otherwise specified, require no minimum term commitment.

3. Training programs are built specifically for the individual and meant for personal use only. Sharing of purchased programs is unauthorized.


  1. BARBELL STRENGTH reserves the right to change opening times.
  2. BARBELL STRENGTH may close its doors or adjust its opening times on official or recognized public holidays.
  3. BARBELL STRENGTH reserves the right to postpone or cancel scheduled lessons in connection with a limited number of participants in the opinion of BARBELL STRENGTH, holidays, absence due to illness from the instructor, any form of force majeure or any other BARBELL STRENGTH circumstances to be determined without the right to a refund or compensation in whatever form.
  4. In the event of a prolonged absence of a trainer, BARBELL STRENGTH will try to ensure the normal progress of the lessons as soon as possible.

Personal data

  1. BARBELL STRENGTH processes the personal data of the participant for the purposes of good business operations, which includes, among other things, communication and maintaining good member administration.
  2. The personal data is recorded in a file in the computer, in which all participants of BARBELL STRENGTH are included. BARBELL STRENGTH and its management team treat this information confidentially. The personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for the aforementioned purposes and will not be, under any circumstances, provided to third parties.
  3. Changes with regards to the personal situation of the member (eg. address or bank details) must be reported directly to BARBELL STRENGTH. If these changes are not communicated and when costs must be incurred to retrieve the new personal data, these costs will be charged to the member.

Portrait right

  1. Participant grants permission to BARBELL STRENGTH for disclosure of photographs and images made, etc. on which the participant is visible during training/events of BARBELL STRENGTH.

Other provisions

  1. All cases and/or situations not covered by the above regulations are exclusively assessed and decided by the management of BARBELL STRENGTH.
  2. BARBELL STRENGTH reserves the right to change the house rules and general terms and conditions at any time.