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Group Classes

Our group training workouts are designed with you in mind.

Challenge yourself with a new class or stick with what you’re familiar with; the ladies of Barbell Strength will support you every step of the way

personal training

We specialize in general and specific strength training, body composition (fat loss, muscle gain), conditioning and powerlifting training.

2:1 training is available for those who would like to train with a friend for a fraction of the cost of individual sessions.

open gym

Look no further than our beautifully-equipped facility for inspiration to give it your best during training.

Train on your own, or follow a personalized program built specifically for you and your goals.

barbells & babes

Our 12-week in-house strength program.

Learn how to squat, bench and deadlift in a welcoming and fun training environment.

Next phase starts January 6th! 

group classes


Our strength & conditioning class with a focus on lifting technique and increasing full-body strength.

Learn the main barbell lifts and their variations, as well as other compound movements and bodyweight exercises for a stronger, resilient body.


The hypertrophy-focused day of the Barbell Method.

In this class, you’ll be working in higher rep ranges to build lean muscle, improve body composition and increase your work capacity.


In our most popular class, we use elements of Powerlifting & Strongman training to provide a kick-ass workout that will increase strength and endurance.


Our lower-body focused class. We focus on teaching proper technique on the main movements that will not only shape but strengthen the legs and glutes.


Strength begins here.

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Monday-Friday: 10am – 9pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Sunday: closed


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