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Challenge yourself with one of our inspiring classes, designed to fit you at every step of your journey.

Be prepared to lift heavy and learn proper barbell technique with our strength-focused class of the Barbell Method.


Put your mental and physical strength to the test with a strongman-based workout. In this class, you’ll be lifting various heavy implements to increase strength and metabolic conditioning.

Dirty Thirty

Sometimes less is more. In this 30-minute class, you will be learning two main compound movements, in a fast-paced and energetic workout that will increase your stamina and strength.


If you want to not only be strong, but also look the part, then this class is for you. Sculpted is the hypertrophy-focused day of the Barbell Strength method.


A shapely and firmer butt is the goal for this one-hour class. You’ll learn how to properly perform the main lower body movements to increase strength, definition and shape.

Power Hour

This class is ideal for those who have a little more experience with strength training under their belt, and would like to improve their barbell knowledge and skills.

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