Featured Exercise: 3-point Row

I’ve always been a fan of unilateral exercises that also serve as an indirect way of training core stability and endurance at the same time. The 3-point row is a great variation of the standard dumbbell row, allowing you to target the muscles responsible for keeping your spine happy and healthy.



  • Find your stance, about two feet away from the bench you’ll be using. I suggest starting with your squat stance or slightly narrower.
  • Lower yourself forward so that your weight is being supported by your hand on the bench, with a neutral spine and even weight distribution between both feet.
  • Fill up your trunk with air and tense up your core musculature. Imagine keeping your bottom ribs connected to the top of your pelvis. You want to be able to hold this position throughout.
  • From here, you’ll perform a standard one-arm row from a relaxed shoulder position: engage your shoulder blade by drawing it back and inwards towards the midline of your body. At the same time, you should resist rotating through the trunk; aim to keep your torso square to the floor at all times. Any deviation from this position shows a lack of stability through the midsection, in which case you should brace harder, pick a lighter weight, open up your stance, or all of the above combined.
  • Complete 8-12 reps then repeat on the opposite side.

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Since 2013, Barbara has been helping women of all fitness backgrounds get stronger, leaner and more confident, both inside and outside the gym.

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