Meet our Coaches

William Gollings Barbell Strength

William Gollings

Owner, Head Strength- & Powerlifting Coach

William Gollings is a highly experienced Strength Coach, lifter and founder of Barbell Strength. With over 16 years of training experience and over 5 years experience as a full time strength coach, Will has trained a plethora of strength focused clients towards their goals, ranging from simply getting stronger, performing better at their particular sports and being coached towards Powerlifting competitions.

Will is also a high level Krav Maga Graduate and competitive Powerlifter in the -105kg class.

Will’s focus is mainly one on one coaching but also provides online coaching services for clients and competitive Powerlifters.

Barbara Martins Barbell Strength

Barbara Martins

Women’s Online Coach – Strength & Conditioning/Nutrition

Barbara Martins is a Strength, Physique and Nutrition Coach based in Canada. She is currently working towards completing her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences at York University. With five years of training experience, she is passionate about helping women feel stronger and more confident inside and outside the gym. She currently competes in the 72kg weight class as a Powerlifter in Toronto.

At Barbell Strength, she assists with online clients’ programming and individual nutrition coaching.