Group Classes FAQ
Who can join a group class?
Our group classes are designed to accomodate lifters of all fitness levels. In each class, you’ll find movement regressions and progressions that can either decrease or increase the challenge of the exercise.

If you are worried that the class may be too advanced for you, specially if you’ve never lifted weights before, we recommend booking a fitness assessment with one of our coaches prior to starting your training,

What is the coach to member ratio?
We allow a maximum of 6 lifters per class, with one main instructor and an assistant coach as needed.

This ensures a high level of personal attention to every member, which is something we’re proud to offer in our small group training.

I'd love to join, but I have an injury.
If your injury is severe enough to hinder movement or ellicit pain during training, we recommend checking with the appropriate health care provider prior to joining a class.

However, if your injury is mild, our coaches can offer you substitutions for exercises or movements that you may not be able to perform.

I'm not sure which class is right for me.
We have designed a group training program that focuses on building strength and muscle mass, as well as improving metabolic conditioning.

Our strength days fall under the class Fierce, with the muscle-building component of the program being performed during Sculpted. If you’re interested in conditioning work only, we recommend StrongWoman or Dirty Thirty.

Can I attend two days of the same class in a week?
Currently, we are offering one workout per class every week. As an example, if you’d like to join our class Fierce, you can choose to come in either Tuesday or Thursday, but the workout will be the same on both days.

If you’d like to join more than one group class per week, we recommend pairing Fierce and Sculpted, or choosing from any of the other class options available.

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