Meet the Coaches

Our team of experienced and dedicated coaches will guide you through every step of your fitness journey.

Barbara M.

Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting

Barbara is a strength and conditioning coach at Barbell Strength. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences from York University, Canada.

With six years of coaching experience, Barbara’s passion lies in helping women become stronger and more confident inside and outside the weight room.

Her aim is to show women their potential through strength training that is sound, effective and rooted in basic principles.

Will Gollings

Founder, Head Strength & Powerlifting Coach

Will is a strength coach and founder of Barbell Strength. With 18 years of training experience and over 8 years experience as a full-time strength coach, Will has worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from beginner powerlifters to MMA athletes.

He specializes in getting people stronger, improving athletic skills, and coaching athletes towards and during powerlifting competitions.

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