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BARBELL STRENGTH is a unique personal training facility that specializes in increasing performance through strength training, primarily focusing on compound movements.

At BARBELL STRENGTH we have an obsession for not only high quality coaching, but also high quality equipment which has been consciously selected and laid out in a beautiful purpose built venue.

We are officially partnered up with ELEIKO, the number one strength & conditioning company in the world. We are proud to say that our facility is fully Eleiko equipped ranging from powerlifting competition racks, bars, weights, weightlifting equipment and our custom 6 station rig.

BARBELL STRENGTH is a personal gym that focuses on one on one strength coaching. We offer open gym facilities for those interested in strength type training (such as weightlifting and powerlifting). More info below.

W E   A R E   B A R B E L L  S T R E N G T H



We offer strength and technique related workshops and events ranging from shorter lift specific technique workshops, to multi-hour seminars geared more towards powerlifting.

We also host numerous (mock) meets per year!

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Our core business is one on one sessions with the main focus being to increase performance through strength and technique. We specialize in compound movements and the perfect execution thereof.

We’ve trained people ranging from business professionals to top level athletes in many different disciplines including Cross training athletes, swimmers and of course (competitive) powerlifters. We also offer online coaching.


We are primarily a personal gym, however we also offer open gym facilities to strength focused athletes, such as weightlifters and powerlifters.

We are the country’s only officially partnered ELEIKO powerlifing gym and use the best of the best IPF approved equipment.

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Seinhuiswachter 12, 3034 KH Rotterdam

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